About Press Loot

Press Loot is a huge database full of video game media contacts. But what does that mean? How does Press Loot work? What can you use the database for?

You can use the contact information in the database however you want, but here are some ideas below.

Free video games for review

Let’s say you have a video game YouTube channel, or Twitch account. You probably play a lot of games in your content, right? Well did you know that you could get those games for free? Publishers, studios, indie developers and pr agencies are always on the look out for new channels to promote their client’s games.

One way they do this is by connecting with ‘influences‘. Basically they will give you a code for a game, and in exchange you produce some content for them. This could be a live stream, a review video, or even just a tweet. It all depends on how big your reach is.

You can use Press Loot to search for Publishers, Studios or PR agencies contact information, so that you can then reach out to them for free games to review.

Free video hardware for review

The same is true for hardware. Hardware manufactures like Razer, Logitech or Thermaltake are constantly giving away product to influences or channels who sit under a sponsorship deal. It could be the latest Corsair ram, a new line of Lenovo laptops, or maybe a new BenQ monitor.

If you have a tech focused channel or audience connecting with hardware manufacturers could be a great way to get a sponsorship deal or regular gear to review of feature.

You can use Press Loot to search for hardware manufacture or PR agencies contact information so you can then reach out for free hardware to review.


Sometimes hardware manufacturers and other video game companies formalize working relationships with influencers, internet personalities and channels through sponsorship.

Every sponsorship deal looks a little different, but they usually including the following benefits for the sponsee:

  • free products
  • branded sponsor clothes and merch
  • once off payment, or monthly payments
  • shared revenue via affiliate link
  • advertising

You can use Press Loot to search for video game businesses who might be interested in a sponsorship deal.

Press & Media Events

Hardware manufacturers, publishers and the PR agencies who manage their communications love to put on unique events to promote their new games and hardware. These are often called ‘promotions’ in the industry.

Often these  events have high profile guests, early access hands on with new titles/hardware and.

It is also common for mini events to be run alongside (or as part of) bigger public events like E3, Paris Games Week, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show or PAX.

Gaining access to these events is a great way to strengthen your relationship with the contact, get a great story for your channel or publication, as well as network with other press, media and content creators.

You can use Press Loot to search for Publishers, Studios or PR agencies who are running special events to score an invite.

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