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The video game industry is a big place, with thousands of studios, indie developers, publishers and PR agencies scattered all over the world. Finding the right person to speak to can be near impossible sometimes. Until now!

*Que dramatic music* The Press Loot database is the world’s largest video game media/press database, listing tens of thousands of contacts from within the industry, all available with a simple search.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for game codes for review purposes, a potential sponsorship, connecting with a press publication or just networking, we’ve got all the contacts you need, right here.

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Such an amazing resource. Easy to use and find the contact you want. I wish I’d know about this website years ago.

OMG I love press loot! The easiest way to connect with publishers, developers and PR agencies to get video game codes!

I’m continually impressed with Press Loot. The sheer amount of contacts across the industry is incredible and they add new ones every week.

Press loot is my number #1 networking tool. I’ve connected with the biggest names in the industry through this amazing website.

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Walkabout Games

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NIS America

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Back To The Gaming

New: May 16, 2020


New: May 16, 2020

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The database has been built through years and years of networking and contains contact information for major publishers and tiny devs alike. Activision to ZeniMax, they all here ready for you to find and connect with them.

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Find the contact you want quickly and easily with our simple and powerful search functionality. Just type in the name of the company you are looking for and smash that search button. Looking for a more refined search? Simply use our category and location filters to quickly find the contact you are looking for. It’s easy!

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